Dietz AG purchased 87,000 sqm of land from the municipality of Geiselwind in order to develop 43,000 sqm of it as storage and logistics property. The newly built logistics center is supposed to consist of five warehouse units between 6,000 ² and 10,000 sqm large. The prerequisite for the purchase of the land was a 24/7 license which is now being laid down in the land development plan, making the property attractive for companies with 3 shift operation as well. Logivest was advising both Dietz AG and the municipality of Geiselwind in the process of purchase and, respectively, sale of the property.

Visualisierung der geplanten Logistikimmobilie der Dietz AG Quelle Dietz AG VorschauIndustrial park „Inno-Park Geiselwind“: In the heart of Franconia   

The area purchased by Dietz AG is located in the “Inno-Park Geiselwind” industrial park, which has a total space of 17.6 ha and was newly developed for building in 2014. “Its centrality between the Franconian cities of Bamberg, Erlangen, Nuremberg, Schweinfurt and Würzburg, its direct access to the freeway with its own freeway access “Geiselwind” ensure the local companies fast delivery and shipping and excellent accessibility, even by truck. From Geiselwind more than 3 million people are within an hour’s reach, providing enormous market and employment potential for companies with a location interest”, says Kuno Neumeier, CEO of Logivest GmbH, outlining the location’s benefits. The consulting company for logistics property has the exclusive mandate to bring the industrial park’s properties to market. Ernst Nickel, Geiselwind’s First Mayor, adds: “Its excellent location factors make the Inno-Park Geiselwind an exceptionally attractive commercial location for both local companies which plan to expand and national and international companies looking for new or additional locations. We are happy to have the chance to shape the future together with Dietz AG and all other companies with a location interest.”



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