Aves One AG, one of Germany’s leading holders of logistics equipment portfolios, will in future expand its asset portfolio by the addition of logistics properties. Purchases are planned throughout Germany, and are not limited to any particular region. To implement this aim, Aves is cooperating with immediate effect with Logivest GmbH (Logivest) in Munich, a consultancy firm specialising in logistics real estate. Consequently, Aves can access Logivest’s network in future when selecting suitable land and properties.

Logivest will also undertake tasks such as site and property analysis for Aves. In this respect, Aves will focus on both newly built and existing properties. Cooperation between the two companies has already begun with the purchase due diligence for a logistics property. In the context of the exploration, Logivest examines both the economic framework conditions and the location itself.

Focusing logistics propertiesWhat is asked for is not just “Standard”

As well as classical standard logistics properties, Aves is also interested in transhipment buildings of the kind traditionally operated by express courier service providers and freight forwarders. Explaining the current situation on the logistics properties investment market, Logivest’s CEO Kuno Neumeier says “The sustained strong demand by institutional investors, and the associated scarcity of properties, are increasingly leading to investments outside the standard range of logistics real estate. Above all, goods handling facilities in good to very good locations and rented on a long-term basis are achieving good returns comparable to those of classical logistics properties.”

Executive Board Member Jürgen Bauer explains that “We are pleased to be supported by Logivest, one of the sector’s leading consultancy firms. Alongside Rail and Container, the intention is for the Property business area to become another focus of our investments. We expect the cooperation with Logivest to enable us to build up a high-quality portfolio of logistics properties.”




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