Fresch23 - Avnet Embedded opens sustainable production property near Freiburg Ecological operation without the use of fossil fuels/ Ixocon realises company property in Eschbach / Logivest acts as consultant and project manager On Wednesday, 8 November 2023, the time had come: Avnet Embedded's new Fresch23 production and logistics property was officially opened in a symbolic act.

"The new site in Freiburg symbolises our strategy to increase our presence in Europe and diversify our electronics manufacturing locations worldwide," says Mario Orlandi, President of Avnet EMEA. "The expansion and size of this site will allow us not only to develop and manufacture computer systems, but also to deliver them worldwide via Avnet's global logistics."

The ultra-modern new building was realised by Ixocon over the last year and a half on the 33,000 square metre site in the Breisgau business park. Around 8,000 square metres of production hall, around 7,200 square metres of storage space and around 3,000 square metres of office and social space have been created here to BEG 40 standard.

"Thanks to the good cooperation with the building authorities and the continuous close coordination with all project participants, we were able to complete the property on schedule despite delivery bottlenecks and create what is probably one of the most energy-efficient production facilities in the whole of Germany for Avnet Embedded," says Thomas Stricker, authorised signatory at Ixocon.

Operation without the use of fossil fuels

The property is equipped with very good insulation and special ventilation technology in accordance with the BEG 40 standard. The entire property is heated and air-conditioned using geothermal energy via a water heat pump system. Energy from the groundwater is accessed via eight wells and distributed within the property in the form of heat or cold via an underfloor pipe network. Another factor in increasing energy efficiency is the utilisation of waste heat from the production machines.

In order to get by without fossil fuels despite the 24/7 operation, a roof-mounted photovoltaic system including a lithium-ion battery storage system was customised precisely to the needs of Avnet Embedded. In addition, state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable production processes are used at the site in order to realise CO2-neutral operations. E-charging stations are available for cars and bicycles. Intelligent lighting control and building management technology in the interior also help to significantly reduce electricity consumption in the property. With the installation of a rainwater cistern for watering the garden and no connection to the public rainwater drain, the property makes a further contribution to sustainability.

"With the help of an individual building simulation, we determined the most efficient sustainability measures for this project and were thus able to realise a corporate property for Avnet that operates completely without fossil fuels. Fresch23 is thus taking on a real pioneering role in terms of energy efficiency, especially for the combination of a production facility with a directly adjacent warehouse area," says Carsten Felix, Managing Director of Logivest Projektmanagement GmbH.

Logivest acted in an advisory capacity for Avnet in the acquisition and selection of land as well as the developer tender and supervised the project as project manager until Avnet moved in. Bockermann Fritze and LIST Bau Nordhorn realised the property as architects and general contractor.

During the realisation of Fresch23, special attention was also paid to the employees and an attractive and health-conscious design of the workplaces. For example, the generously glazed office façade including glazing inside the three administrative levels, which was planned based on the evaluation of the building simulation, provides plenty of natural daylight. Other highlights are the outdoor retreat areas, an in-house work café with a daily changing menu selection and a fresh salad counter, plus an adjoining terrace for communal barbecue events.

The new production property has already been occupied.
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