We provide market participants from different industries with advice regarding their logistics processes and the selection of logistics property and warehouses. This also includes assistance and support with the decision on whether to rent, buy or build.

Our particular strength lies in connecting and bringing together market participants and offering guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, from the assessment of the client’s needs and requirements to finding and selecting a suitable site, and support with funding, construction and the preparation of contractual agreements.

Please refer to our german database if you are looking for logistics property in specific regions.

Professional advisory service to buyers or sellers of firms

You seek a strategic investment or consider taking over a firm? You wish to sell your logistics business/industrial enterprise or perhaps only select parts of your company? We are your M&A partner for buyers and sellers of businesses in the industrial and logistics sector and the respective industry environments.


Professional advisory service for the outsourcing of logistics processes

You are looking to outsource specific processes? We will help you find the right service provider.


Integrated logistics process advisory

You would like to make specific business processes more efficient or revise them completely? You know that your logistics processes throughout the supply chain could be optimized and you would like to obtain an overview of your options? We will help you analyze and improve your workflows.


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