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As of September 2018, Galaxus Deutschland has rented a logistics area of around 6,000 square metres in the Krefeld-Fichtenhain industrial estate.

On 1 October, a regional packaging company rented a logistics property of almost 1,100 square metres in the Dachau-Ost industrial estate. Logivest provided the consulting services.

Personalberatung Headgate GmbH and the settlement platform will combine their location and personnel competence on the platform with the start of their cooperation on 01.09.2018.

On 1 September 2018, the Korean conglomerate Hanwha leased a logistics property in Interpark near Ingolstadt.

Along the Isar river
The Logivest-Team discovers the oldest transport route in Munich 

SST GmbH Internationale Spedition has rented a logistics area of around 1,200 square metres in Geislingen an der Steige as of 1 September 2018.

Successful settlement management for logistics properties is based on numerous factors.

New construction activity on the German logistics real estate market remains consistently high in the second quarter of 2018 - at around 200,000 square meters, the Eastern Ruhr region is the biggest winner

Logivest joins forces with the Spanish logistics properties agency Invertica Real Estate Solutions and the French counterpart EOL Real Estate to form the globally operating consulting network IRELS (International Real Estate Logistics Solutions). The aim of the partnership is to support users and owners of logistics properties cross-border with letting, new construction or transaction. The kickoff for the participation of Logivest has taken place at the MiPim 2018. The expansion of the network with further international partners is already in planning.

OOGarden, an online retailer for gardening supplies, has rented a logistics property in Kaarst from Deka Immobilien. Logivest acted as a consultant in the choice of location and property. The reason for OOGarden's need for storage space is the strategic realignment on the German market. The property, which will be used as a central warehouse in the future, comprises a total of just under 14,000 square metres, with the area divided into approx. 12,000 square metres of warehouse space and approx. 2,000 square metres of office and social facilities. In addition, the logistics facility has generous shunting and parking spaces as well as an external warehouse for pallets.

Pilkington Automotive Germany GmbH, part of the NSG Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glass products, is relocating its AGR central warehouse from Bochum to Gelsenkirchen. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glass products for the automotive OE (first supplier) and AGR (vehicle glass spare parts) sectors. A new, ultra-modern logistics facility is to be built on a property with around 80,000 square metres in Uechtingstraße/Werkstraße by the beginning of 2019, which Pilkington will use as an exclusive tenant. Logivest, a consulting firm specializing in logistics real estate, has advised Pilkington Automotive Deutschland GmbH on an exclusive contract for a comprehensive location research, choice of the new location and new construction planning.

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