Freight village Hannover-Lehrte

GVZ Hannover LehrteIntroduction

The freight village Hannover -Lehrte has a balanced combination of all relevant location factors. The connection to the North Sea ports on the road, rail and inland waters turns the freight village into a popular location for logistics companies. The freight village Hannover-Lehrte is situated in the top logistics area Hannover.


The freight village Hannover-Lehrte is situated in Lehrte, east of the city of Hannover.


  • Access to freeways A2 and A7 (5 km) as well as state roads B65 (4 km) and B443 (1 km)
  • Hannover airport is close
  • Combined cargo handling terminal in Hannover-Linden (2.5 km)
  • Municipal port Hafen Hannover

Plots and logistics space

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Rent and land prices

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  • Trade tax rate : 440 per cent
  • Property tax A: 440 per cent
  • Property tax B: 440 per cent


  • Attractive for companies of the cargo and transportation industry with a freight village affinity
  • Service facilities: gas station, truck and car wash
  • transfer terminal for combined transportation in planning





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