Freight village Herne-Emscher

GVZ HerneIntroduction

Tri-modality and its central location make the Herne-Emscher freight village an attractive site for logistics developments, reflected by the high-frequency logistics activities in the area. The site’s primary purpose is to combine the transshipment facility with traffic from the logistics center and the port of Wanne West.


The freight village is centrally located in the Ruhr area, to the north-west of Herne.


  • Direct access to freeways A42 (0.5 km), A43 (5 km), A40 (5 km), A2 (3.5 km) as well as federal highway B226.
  • Combined transportation terminal and railway siding available
  • Proximity to Münster, Dortmund and Düsseldorf airports
  • Direct access to the Rhine-Herne Canal

Plots and logistics space

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Rent and land prices

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  • Trade tax rate: 500 per cent
  • Property tax A: 240 per cent
  • Property tax B: 745 per cent



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