Freight village JadeWeserport

GVZ WilhelmshavenIntroduction

The freight village JadeWeserport is a pivot for goods connected to national and international traffic flows. The location features Germany‘s only deep water port. The possibility to build constructions up to 50 meters high provides many options for use. The third biggest sea port in Germany provides an amount of available storage space which is unique in Europe.


The freight village JadeWeserport is situated northwest of the city of Wilhelmshaven.


  • Access to freeway A29 82 km) and State road L210 (8 km)
  • transfer terminal for combined transportation with railway sidings available
  • Bremen airport is approx. 100 km away, Wilhelmshaven passenger airport approx. 16 km

Local settlement structure

Companies handling incoming and outgoing maritime freight, its storage, transport and/or services involved will find ideal conditions at the freight village JadeWeserport.

Plots and logistics space

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Rent and land prices

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  • Trade tax rate: 430 per cent
  • Property tax A: 410 per cent
  • Property tax B: 600 per cent


  • 24 hour operating time
  • The container terminal Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s inly deep water port
  • Ideal hinterland connectivity via road, rail and the transfer terminal for combined transportation


  • Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG



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