Freight village Kiel

GVZ KielIntroduction

This location shows a broad range of industrial, commercial and port sites. The integrated freight traffic concept allows a particularly efficient and reasonable network of roads, railways and waterways. The freight village Kiel is supposed to integrate and organize the different requirements of the users.


The freight village Kiel is situated directly at the Kiel ship Canal, on both sides of the Firth of Kiel.


  • Access to freeways A7, A21, A15 via state road B502 as well as direct access to state roads B503 und B76
  • Double-track, fully electrified railway line available, creating weekday national and international combined transportation connections
  • Two direct railway connections from Kiel to Duisburg and Verona (Italy)
  • Efficient harbor facilities with 22 ferry departures every week in regular service to Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic
  • transfer terminal for combined transportation with railway sidings available
  • Close to Kiel-Holtenau airport (15 km)

Plots and logistics space

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Rent and land prices

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  • Trade tax rate : 450 per cent
  • Property tax A: 400 per cent
  • Property tax B: 500 per cent


  • Polycentric freight village
  • The only location around the North Sea which can be thoroughly reached by inland water vessels
  • The excellent infrastructure makes it possible to reach every destination in Germany and its neighboring countries within one day




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