Berlin/Brandenburg – A top logistics location


Logistics companies in Berlin have primarily located in the city's south along freeway A10. Besides the large metropolitan area with more than 4 million consumers, Berlin's 4 freight villages are relevant from a logistics perspective: Freight village Berlin East Freienbrink, Freight village Berlin South Großbeeren, Freight village Berlin West Wustermark and Freight village Schönefelder Kreuz.

This large regional market attracts commercial logistics service providers in particualar, but also internet vendors are looking to locate in the close proximity of this agglomeration.

Availability of sites

Especially in the Berlin hinterland sites are still available, for example conveniently located properties near freeway A10 and the freight village Berlin East Freienbrink. Above all, sites in the city’s southern outskirts, like Schönefeld, Großbeeren, Ludwigsfelde, Potsdam and Königs Wusterhausen are popular and have a significant share of approx. 30% in the real estate market turnover. The high demand for modernized property in Berlin, however, cannot be met currently due to the proprietors‘ hesitant willingness to invest.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

An average of 80,000 sqm annually used to be developed, making Berlin rank mid-table among the top logistics regions. In 2015 the development activities rose to more than 150,000 sqm. In the future the new development trend will continue to rise due to the high demand of owner-occupiers and a lack of portfolio property. Also the attractive loan interest rates add to the trend of new developments, especially among medium-sized businesses.

Labor market

The attractiveness of Berlin as a business location leads to agglomeration effects which has a negative impact on the unemployment statistics. Thus on the one hand commuting employees from the Berlin hinterland boost the employment rate, yet on the other hand don’t relieve the rate of unemployment. The latter is relatively high, creating some potential on the manpower market. The cost of labor is comparatively moderate.

Economic structures

In 2015 most logistics property was let to trading companies, closely followed by logistics service providers. The industrial and production sectors ranking third in the logistics real estate turnover table. One of the reasons for this development is that Berlin is rather a service sector oriented than an industrial location.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Freight village Berlin South Großbeeren

Freight village Berlin West Wustermark

Berlin Teltowkanal


  • Efficient multi-modal infrastucture with access to freeways in all directions, 4 freight villages, 2 airports, an inner-city container terminal and several ports
  • Vicinity to Eastern Europe, regular rail connections from Großbeeren to Eastern Europe and Russia
  • High level of awareness, also internationally, as capital and logistics area


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