Central Germany – A top logistics location

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Being located in the center of Germany the region is of high relevance for the logistics industry. The Kassel area stands out due to Germany’s latest cut off times, making the region Germany’s central logistics hub. Thus goods can be delivered in time to every destination in the country, a fact from which retail, automotive industry and network logistics companies benefit most. Particularly in the Bauna valley (Baunatal) the concentration of automotive companies is high. Along freeways A4, A5 and A7 as well as in the cities of Kassel and Göttingen logistics business have located. In addition, the freight village Kassel is situated in this area.

Availability of sites

The area is relatively well positioned when it comes to the availability of sites. Sites near the junction of freeways A7, A4 and A5 are popular. At the moment, however, availablity of these sites in particular is limited.

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New developments trend

Location activities in this area were particularly high in the years 2008 and 2011. In the following years hardly any new logistics sites were developed. The annual average of new developments is below 50,000 sqm. In 2015 only 7,200 sqm were developed.

Labor market

The share of employees in the logistics industry is relatively high in Central Germany. This and the comparatively low unemployment rate make for a limited growth potential in logistics employment. The relatively low cost of labor, however, add to the attractiveness of the location for logistics businesses.

Economic structures

Being a central hub for logistics the area is especially attractive for trade companies. In the focus of location activities is the town of Bad Hersfeld which has direct access to freeways A4 and A7. Kassel is the region’s most important location for the automotive industry.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Baunatal Gewerbegebiet Linnfeld

Waldau Gewerbegebiet "Im Horn"

Göttingen Gewerbegebiet Siekhöhe



  • Marketing of the region through the Logistics Cluster North Hesse
  • Relatively convenient cost structure
  • Good connection to freeways in every direction (A4, A5, A7, A38, A44, A49) due to being located in the geographic center of Germany



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