Dresden/Chemnitz - a top logistics location


The Saxon logistics region of Dresden/Chemnitz stretches from Dresden in the east to Zwickau in the west of Saxony. The region borders Poland to the east and the Czech Republic to the south and therefore offers excellent opportunities for the transport of goods to Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, it is not yet as well known as a logistics region as other logivestop logistics regions. The economic strengths of Dresden/Chemnitz lie in companies from the IT sector and the automotive and supplier industry. The region is characterised by the Silicon Saxony association, a high-tech network with 390 members and one of the largest clusters for microelectronics and IT in Europe. The association has been connecting manufacturers, suppliers, universities, research institutes, public institutions and start-ups since 2000. The region is also home to a cluster for the growth market of electromobility, which will generate strong demand for logistics services.

Availability of sites

The region still has vacant sites. For example, there are opportunities to settle in the Striegistal industrial estate, Saxony's largest industrial site in terms of area, located between Dresden and Chemnitz directly on the A4 motorway. Crimmitschau and Gößnitz offer further opportunities. The Dresden Airport Park is only intended for logistics settlements to a limited extent, with only areas for small-scale industry planned in the neighbourhood.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

The region is experiencing a decline in new construction activity for the German market. It is therefore not among the rising stars of the top logistics regions.

Labor market

The boom in the logistics sector is also reflected in the labour market in Saxony. Last year, the most sought-after jobs were in warehousing.


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Economic facts & figures

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  • Border triangle: Neighbouring Poland to the east and the Czech Republic to the south, the Dresden/Chemnitz region is a logistics hub for goods traffic to Eastern Europe.
  • Short distance to the main road: The connection to the A 4 federal motorway is very good.
  • Low property prices: Compared to other large and important logistics regions, there are more favourable land and labour costs. The labour force potential is beyond Dresden.
  • Cluster for electromobility: Although the region is only a relatively small conurbation, it is developing dynamically into an important location for electromobility, including the associated suppliers.



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