Cologne Bight - a top logistics location

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The metropolitan area of Cologne is an attractive market for all kinds of tenants of logistics property as there is constant demand for logistics for the supply of the industry and the people. Therefore logistics service providers and retailers are overrepresented in this region. To the west of the city of Cologne logistics activities are the most intense, especially in the towns of Pulheim, Frechen and Hürth. The freight village Cologne Eifeltor is the biggest transshipment station for combined cargo traffic in Germany.

Availability of sites

The availability of sites in the Cologne Bight is in the mid-range. As there are virtually no more larger contiguous sites available in the Cologne urban area cooperation opportunities with neighboring locations like Bonn or Düsseldorf are being explored.

New developments trend

Since the economic crises of 2009 development activities have decreased significantly. On average 100,000 sqm are being developed annually. In Greater Cologne 190,000 sqm could be developed in 2015.

Labor market

The unemployment rate in the Cologne area is on national average and provides only little potential for further employment in the logistics sector. The current logistics employment rate, however, shows some growth potential. The wage level in the Cologne area is also on average.

Economic structures

The core areas for different kinds of tenants like logistics service providers, commerce, automotive and chemical industries can be found near Cologne and along the Rhine. The main purpose of the logistics sector is the supply of the people and the industry. Logistics service providers and retailers are the prevalent tenants of logistics property.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Freight village Cologne Eifeltor

Gewerbegebiet Europark Frechen


  • Efficient infrastructure, including 24h Cologne/Bonn airport
  • Significant growth in population
  • Attractive economic structures for logistics services


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