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The logistics area of Erfurt is an attractive region for distribution centers. Due to its role as the central supplier Erfurt’s road network is a main reason for location. The biggest part of available sites is used by wholesalers and retailers, with an increasing share of internet commerce and mail order business. Logistics businesses agglomerate apart from the regional center of trade. The distribution centers are located along freeway A4, near the industrial park Erfurter Kreuz and in the north of the city of Erfurt. The freight village Erfurt is situated east of the city.

Availability of sites

Due to its central location and its availability of sites as well as the good funding opportunities Erfurt has become a popular logistics location in recent years. 

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

As from 2010 Erfurt initially saw an increase in developments projects with an annual development rate of 65,000 sqm on average – since 2014 (9,600 sqm), however, it has been experiencing a strong decrease, with only 4,000 sqm newly developed in 2015.

Labor market

In Erfurt the unemployment rate is above the national average with the result of a high potential for short-term workers. The employment rate in the logistics industry is slightly below average, adding to the growth potential. The cost of labor is relatively low. The overall labor market can be regarded as excellent.

Economic structures

Retail and wholesale companies can mainly be found in the freight village Erfurt east of the city as well as in the northern and western fringes near freeway A71. The e-commerce sector in particular holds a lot of logistics property in this region.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Unterm Fichtenwege


Industriegroßfläche Erfurter Kreuz (Thörey)

Hinter den Gärten

Marktal (OT Hörselgau)


  • Combination of road, rail and air trough freeways A4 and A71, the freight village and an airport
  • Regional funding opportunities by the trade association of the freight village
  • Connecting link for the railway network of the East-West and the North-South routes



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