Hamburg - A top logistics location

173 Hamburg blau 700x460pxIntroduction

Hamburg as „the gateway to the world“ is one of Germany’s leading logistics locations, not least because of its important port. Its logistic activities are characterized by the international handling of goods and are therefore strongly connected to the port and the container terminals. Most of the logistics companies can be found in the port area, although logistics businesses have started to move south of the Elbe river along  freeway A1 and all the way to Winsen.

Availability of sites

The massive lack of sites in the port area leads to an increase of available sites in the hinterland. 

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

On average about 100,000 sqm were newly developed on the past, making Hamburg rank in the upper third among Germany’s top logistics regions. In 2015, new development activities were at 138,200 sqm.

Labor market

The manpower potential in the Hamburg area is relatively moderate, just like the wage level for logistics personnel.

Economic structures

Hamburg is characterized by a broad sectoral mix, the slightly underrepresented automotive industry being the only exception - also regarding logistics property - while logistics service providers are overrepresented.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Gewerbegebiet Altenwerder

Gewerbegebiet Billbrook

Gewerbegebiet Allermöhe

Steinwerder Hafen

Gewerbegebiet Harburger Straße


  • Very efficient port infrastructure with a strong focus on combined traffic
  • Strong brand as the “gateway to the world”
  • Highest concentration of logistics service providers in Germany



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