Duisburg/Lower Rhine - A top logistics location

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The area stretches from the cities of Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach to Duisburg and Emmerich at the Dutch border. Most of the logistics companies can be found along the Rhine in the numerous ports and multi-modal industrial parks. The port of Duisburg is the center of the area, with logistics businesses using it primarily as a gateway to the region’s hinterland.

Availability of sites

In contrast to the rest of the Ruhr area only sparse logistics property is still available in this region. To some extend sites are being planned through the revitalization of industrial wasteland.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

More than 360,000 sqm of new developments earned the location Duisburg/Lower Rhine the top spot in the German ranking of new developments in 2015. Especially the 4th quarter with its 141,300 sqm of new developments was notable, with just two large industrial projects accounting for the biggest part of 130,000 sqm.

Labor market

The manpower potential in the region is relatively high. The cost of labor in the logistics sector is slightly above average.

Economic structures

The area is characterized by a broad sectoral mix: The automotive industry, trading companies and especially e-commerce should be mentioned here.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks


Reisholzer Bahnstraße




Duisburg Kaßlerfeld


  • Excellent port infrastructure with numerous inland ports along the Rhine
  • To accelerate structural change a high political interest in the logistics sector is existent
  • Good training places on offer 


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