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The Stuttgart region is a classic industrial location with a high regional purchasing power. The main task of the logistics industry is the supply of the logistics oriented industrial companies and the disposal. The automotive and spare parts industries as well as the electronic sector are strongly represented here. The region’s attractiveness leads to a high scarcity of suitable sites.

Availability of sites

Due to the scarcity of sites companies in need of a logistics location have to make some compromises or move to the hinterland, for example along freeway A8 Munich-Karlsruhe, freeway A81 in Ludwigsburg or to the southern part of the rural district of Böblingen.

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New developments trend

Despite the scarcity of sites Greater Stuttgart was one of the most dynamic logistics locations in Germany in 2012. The annual average of new developments activities in recent years was 152,000 sqm. In the year 2014, 146,500 sqm were realized, in 2015, however, it dropped to slightly above 79,000 sqm.

Labor market

As the employment rate in the logistics sector is on national average there is still some potential for growth. The low unemployment rate and the high demand for professionals, however, make the search for employees difficult. The cost of labor in the Stuttgart region is one of the highest among the top logistics locations in Germany.

Economic structures

In the logistics area Stuttgart the automotive and electronic industries are represented strongly. Logistics property can mainly be found in the Stuttgart hinterland. Along freeway A81 some smaller wholesale clusters have established.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks


Gewerbegebiet Tamm

Gewerbegebiet Böblingen Hulb

Gewerbegebiet Böllinger Höfe Heilbronn


  • Well-established and relatively transparent logistics property market
  • Numerous training and education options on offer
  • Excellent networking landscape 



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