Würzburg/Schweinfurt - a top logistics location

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The logistics location Würzburg/Schweinfurt is situated in the north-west of the state of Bavaria. Schweinfurt is highly attractive for contract logistics sercice providers, while the Würzburg area is dedicated to the centralised supply of the commerce sector.

Logistics agglomerations can be found mainly in the town of Gochsheim in the South-west of Schweinfurt, but also in Kitzingen, Würzburg, the port of Schweinfurt and in Uffenheim. The Würzburg/Schweinfurt region has access to the transregional traffic network via freeways A7 and A3, and both Würzburg and Schweinfurt have an inland port at the Main river.

Availability of sites

In the Würzburg/Schweinfurt region sufficient sites are still available, especially medium and small-sized ones. The reclassification of military property provides future potential.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

New developments activities in the area are mid-table. In 2016, 50,000 sqm of new developments were realized.

Labor market

In terms of employment the Würzburg/Schweinfurt region benefits from the logistics industry. The employment rate is relatively high. The low unemployment rate makes is risky for personnel-intensive industries to locate in this area.


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Economic facts & figures

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  • Industry-related contract logistics
  • Combined traffic is possible
  • All infrastructural facilities except for a cargo airport are available



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