We help you find the perfect service provider for your needs.

Our key focus lies on establishing a solid, long-term alliance that is mutually beneficial and successful. We maintain contacts with outsourcing partners from many different industries and know who is able to offer the optimum solution for your specific needs and demands. Also, we provide you with advice and support throughout the process implementation phase. After all, outsourcing is not about handing over the reins. It is about purchasing efficient expertise that adds to your business success.

Reasons for outsourcing:

  • The company wants to focus on its core skills in production and sales
  • The company wants to convert fixed into variable costs to generate substantial savings
  • The company wants to benefit from efficient processes and absorb cyclical fluctuations

Our approach:

  • Detailed appraisal of the company’s specific processes
  • Plan-versus-actual analysis
  • Recording of volume and process data
  • Structuring and preparing of tender documents for logistics service providers based on a detailed valuation procedure which will be defined jointly with the client
  • Implementation of a structured bidding process including qualified pre-selection of logistics service providers
  • Handling of all matters related to the tendering procedure up until the signing of an outsourcing agreement
  • Interface between client and logistics service provider, coordination of appointments and meetings
  • Advice on project implementation
  • Active support and advice during implementation and, on request, for a specific period following the implementation

We consider ourselves our client’s partner and co-entrepreneur. To us, this means assuming responsibility and providing up-front services. Our fee structure is therefore largely performance-based. Because your success equals our success!


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