Freight village Ulm

GVZ UlmIntroduction

The freight village Ulm is a junction for railway and road where the flows of goods are bundled. Trains depart to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Italy and Scandinavia from the adjacent container terminal. Goods traffic to Poland is being implemented. The freight village Ulm is located in the top logistics area Swabia.


The freight village is situated north of Ulm city center.


  • Direct access to freeway A8 (1.5 km) and state road B10 (1 km)
  • transfer terminal for combined transportation with railway sidings available
  • Stuttgart airport is 85 km away

Plots and logistics space

Looking for available sites in the freight village Ulm?

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  • Trade tax rate: 360 per cent
  • Property tax A: 325 per cent
  • Property tax B: 430 per cent


  • Junction for railway and road traffic carriers
  • Bundeling of the flows of goods
  • Streamlining through process optmization




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