Swabia - a top logistics location

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The Swabia region, stretching from Augsburg to Ulm and Memmingen, is a well-established regional logistics location due to its high local industry concentration. Via freeways A7, A8 and A96 the cities are connected to each other. The freight villages Ulm and Augsburg enable road-rail transshipment. Both distribution centers of the wholesale and the retail industries as well as logistics property for the supply of the regionally strong industrial sector and for disposal tasks can be found here.

Availability of sites

Rerarding the availability of sites the Swabia region is mid-table, giving the region a competitive advantage as logistics sites are very scarce in South Germany.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

The annual average of new developments in recent years until 2013 was 100,000 sqm. In 2014, around 170,000 sqm of logistics property were newly developed, in 2015, it rose to 232,700 sqm.

Labor market

The low unemployment rate makes the search for short-term workers difficult. The employment rate in the logistics industry in the Swabia region is on national average. The cost of labor ranks in the upper mid-range among the German top logistics locations.

Economic structures

The main task of the Swabia logistics region is the supply of the production sector and the disposal. Around Ulm the local industry with pharmaceutical and automotive companies concentrates.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks

Freight village Augsburg

Freight village Ulm

Industriegebiet Ulm Donautal

Gewerbegbiet Langenau


  • High industrial density
  • Numerous well-connected logistics service providers
  • Transregional logistics cluster Swabia/Schwaben



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