Bremen / Bremerhaven – A top logistics location

157 Bremen blau 700x460pxIntroduction

Logistics businesses in this area have located particularly around the freight village Bremen along freeway A1. The freight village Bremen is the most advanced freight village in Germany. Also part of the logistics area Bremen/Bremerhaven are the freight village JadeWeserport in Wilhelmshaven and the port of Bremerhaven, the latter being the fourth biggest container port in Europe. The automotive industry and logistics service providers are the prevalent tenants of logistics property.

Availability of sites

In spite of the high demand there are still plenty of sites available in the Bremen region.

Please refer to our database if you are looking for logistics property in this region.

New developments trend

An average of 90,000 sqm annually used to be developed, making Bremen/Bremerhaven rank mid-table among the top logistics regions. In 2015 the development activities decreased to 85,300 sqm from 150,000 sqm in the previous year.

Labor market

The relatively high unemployment rate has positive effects on the manpower market. The region’s employment rate in logistics, however, is comparatively high. The cost of labor is moderate.

Economic structures

Logistics service providers and trading companies have agglomerated in the northwest of the city of Bremen near the freight village. The automotive industry and other industries have primarily located in Bremen’s southeast in those industrial parks with a strong focus on production logistics. A second core area of the automotive industry is Bremerhaven.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks


Freight village Bremen

Gewerbepark Hansalinie Bremen

Gewerbegebiet Bremer Kreuz




Südlicher Fischereihafen


  • Strong backing of the logistics industry by local politics
  • Efficient sea ports specialized on different goods
  • Many location opportunities in the logistics sector


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