Eastern Ruhr area - A top logistics location

209 Ruhrgebiet blau 700x460pxIntroduction

The main purpose of logistics in this region consists of the supply of the large metropolitan area. Numerous retailers in particular have located here. Thus the share of logistics property with industrial tenants or used by logistics service providers is relatively small. The logistics industry is concentrated on the Eastern fringe of the metropolis. With freeways A1, A2, A4 and A5 the area has a tight freeway network. The city of Dortmund was awarded “logistics location of the year” in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012. It is also an important location for logistics research.

Availability of sites

Location potential still exists in the districts of Hamm, Unna and Bönen, which face impressive demand. The „last mile logistics network“ was founded here to meet the special requirements of the logistics industry, giving the cities of Gelsenkirchen, Herne and Herten the opportunity to build a 160 ha portfolio.

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New developments trend

New development activities had settled on a relatively low level in the last few years since the economic crises. The annual average of 35,000 sqm of the preceding years was excelled by far with 110,900 sqm in 2014 and 103,400 sqm in 2015.

Labor market

In contrast to the rest of North Rhine-Westphalia the Eastern Ruhr area faces lower costs of labor. The employment rate in the logistics industry is slightly above average, still showing some potential for improvement. The high unemployment rate facilitates the search for short-term workers.

Economic structures

The primary purpose of the Eastern Ruhr area is the supply of the large metropolitan area. The large share of retail logistics reduces the share of industrial companies and logistics service providers.


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Economic facts & figures

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Key industrial parks





Freight village Herne-Emscher

Schloss Grimberg


  • High potential for logistics property due to numerous industrial wasteland areas
  • Differentiated site marketing with a metropolitan focus
  • High manpower potential in the logistics sector 



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